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Lanaform vs. Spanx - TheBlackPurple
A common question we hear at TheBlackPurple is "What is the difference between Lanaform Mass & Slim and Spanx?"


The main difference between these two products is that Spanx are designed to simply provide an immediate (and false) slimming "effect" to be worn under clothing to appear slimmer or in order to fit into a desired size/outfit. The Spanx products are geared towards women who don't have the time or desire to invest time into improving their body shape and who want to look good in work outfits, or for special parties or events, often at the last minute when there is no time to lose any unwanted weight or trim down/firm up. Although the Spanx line offers many different options, in essence all of their products are simply "control" undergarments that offer no intent or promise of changing your body shape. You will look exactly the same after the garment is removed. With Lanaform Cosmetex and Mass & Slim shapewear slimming products, the main purpose is to improve your body shape by helping to reduce inches, tone & soften skin, and combat the appearance of cellulite. Lanaform anti-cellulite products use innovative slimming fabrics made from Bamboo Viscose, Tourmaline and bio-ceramic crystals. These revolutionary, intelligent fibres have a two-fold effect: instant and durable. With a recommendation of wearing these products for about 8 hours a day for 28 days, Lanaform's goal is to help women lose inches and attain a more toned and refined body shape that will complement and boost a healthy lifestyle.


There has been much publicized and reviewed about the Spanx line since their 2000 launch. Their items are often sleek-looking and pretty in design, which increases their appeal to women wanting a quick-fix to feel sexy. Unfortunately, the recurring complaint about their products, it seems, involve functionality issues and inferior quality and craftsmanship. These issues inevitably lead to dissatisfaction & frustration among purchasers, regret on spending money, poor reviews and less inclination to repurchase. And despite claims that Spanx products effectively slim the physique, many women complain of discomfort or pain wearing them, especially for long intervals. There have also been many reports of problems with the Spanx return/exchange policies & procedures. Spanx also charges shipping to Canada. Lanaform Mass & Slim and Cosmetex products have a dual-functionality and are made of the highest-quality materials and fibres, and will continue to produce the desired slimming and anti-cellulite effects with the use of careful wash & care. Effectiveness is guaranteed for up to 30 washes. They redefine your figure thanks to the highly-targeted corset effect: the buttocks, belly and thighs appear thinner immediately and are comfortably maintained. The Lanaform line has a "second skin" effect which gives the wearer a sense of freedom. The leggings, shorts and belt do not "roll" or slip or move position, ensuring they are constantly working to produce long-term slimming effects correctly. TheBlackPurple has a very clear, user-friendly return policy, and will immediately replace items without requiring the receiver to ship back an incorrectly shipped order. All shipping to both Canada and the U.S. is free of charge.


Your choice on whether to purchase Spanx, or Lanaform Mass & Slim /Cosmetex, or any other line of shapewear for women on the market, depends on the results you want to achieve. For a long-term anti-cellulite, overall slimming and toning effect, when coupled with a healthy lifestyle, Lanaform offers you the solution that will best meet your body shaping and weight loss needs.


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