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How Lymphedema Compression Stockings Help Circulation

Posted by Nima Rafizadeh on

No one really knows the mental and physical challenges of cancer treatment until they experience it for themselves. As if the fear, pain and disruption to your life are not enough, many people suffer lymphedema, or swelling in the arms and/or legs following cancer treatments.

Fortunately, wearing lymphedema compression stockings and other compression wear can help improve your circulation. which in turn helps reduce the swelling.  

Compression Wear Helps to Improve Circulation 

Lymphedema is most often caused when your lymph nodes are removed or damaged during cancer surgery or radiation treatment. The result is that your lymphatic system becomes blocked and lymph fluid can't drain properly. The buildup of fluid makes your legs and/or arms swell.

No known cure for lymphedema exists. But there are steps you can take to reduce the swelling. In addition to treatments like keeping your arm or leg as active as possible and manual lymph drainage massage, wearing compression garments like a compression stocking on your leg, or compression sleeve on your arm, can help reduce lymphedema’s symptoms.

Compression wear improves circulation by keeping lymph fluids away from the areas of your body where they build up and cause swelling.

But some people who use compression stockings and sleeves have reported that they are uncomfortable and can restrict physical activity.

Other compression wear options exist, including Mass and Slim anti-cellulite leggings that are comfortable to wear all day and allow a full range of motion. Even better, Mass and Slim leggings deliver other benefits, including a constant massaging action as you wear them to help improve blood flow and add shape to your thighs and hips.

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