Does Popular Science Show You the Way to Lose Cellulite?

Popular science beliefs and myths when combating cellulite

Whether really interested in science, a little interested or not at all, you might find something worth reading in Popular Science magazine. Popular Science has been around for almost 150 years, and like the name implies, the articles generally cover ‘popular’ topics related to science. 

For most of us, there’s nothing really ‘scientific’ about cellulite. For most of us, cellulite is simply ugly fat that we could do without. 

Like most traditional magazines that have made the leap to the world wide web, Popular Science has broadened the horizons of subjects it covers. Of course, considering that it’s part of our bodies, cellulite is a very scientific topic. But It’s not one that PopSci might have necessarily covered when it was only in print.

So we were more than a little interested when we found an online PopSci article titled “Want to get rid of cellulite? There’s only one thing worth trying.”

Popular science and combating cellulite

What? Popular Science telling us that there is actually something ‘worth trying’ to ‘get rid’ of cellulite? Here’s a magazine that previously carried articles written by Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison and Louis Pasteur, jumping on the ‘get rid of cellulite’ (not going to happen) bandwagon. How low the once mighty have fallen. What would they have to say?

Turns out that they don’t tell you anything new. Ultimately, they advise that building your muscles is potentially the only solution. And then they shoot holes in that advice by pointing out that, in their words, “there is alarmingly little research on whether strength training helps cellulite.” 

But, despite the link-bait headline, and the fact that their solution is, by their own admission, unsupported by science, PopSci might be inadvertently showing you the best approach to improving the appearance of your cellulite.

As the article works its way towards its conclusion, it hits on some very real facts about cellulite. It’s when you put all of those points together than you discover the real way to fight cellulite.

Here are some of the sub-headings in the article:

  • There’s very little you can do about your cellulite
  • Losing body fat will improve cellulite, but it won’t eliminate it
  • Strengthening your muscles is probably the only potential solution

Weave all those points together and you actually do get the best way to reduce your cellulite. 

Building muscle can help combat cellulite

  • There isn’t much you can do, but there are many things that will help.
  • Healthily lose weight to reduce the fat deposits that produce the appearance of cellulite
  • Do some strength training to build up the underlying muscles, which changes how your body stores fat and improve the appearance of the skin that covers the muscle. 

When you get the idea that, instead of using any one way to reduce cellulite, and that a combination of things may be a better approach, you’ll see the real value in cellulite-fighting shapewear.

Mass & Slim shapewear by itself is clinically-proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite all by itself. So imagine the results you’ll get when you combine shapewear with other ways of reducing the appearance of cellulite.

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