Why Lunch is Great Place to Start Eating a Healthier Diet

Start your healthy diet with lunch

You can’t be blamed for being confused by the contradictory advice you might get about your eating habits, especially when it comes to your regular meals. You’ll find as much advice telling you it’s okay to skip breakfast as you’ll find reasons why you shouldn’t skip breakfast. And the jury’s still out on whether a big dinner is more beneficial than a smaller dinner.

A healthy, balanced diet is key to managing your weight and the symptoms of excess weight, including your cellulite.

The simple answer to questions like whether you should eat breakfast is that you need to find what works for you. Even if someone else says that skipping breakfast helped with their weight management, it doesn’t mean it will work the same for you.

In any case, as you begin to develop your own healthy eating habits, it might be best to avoid all the attention that breakfast and dinner get, and start with lunch. Here’s why:

1. It’s the Middle Meal

Pace what you eat during lunch for your diet

Even if you’re a grazer, eating small meals throughout the day, those you eat in the middle of the day are crucial to how well the plan works. 

For the more traditional ‘three squares’ approach, whether you eat or don’t eat breakfast, have a big dinner or small dinner, what you eat in between the two can make or break the program. For example, if you don’t eat breakfast, and avoid a solid lunch, it might make you to overeat at dinner as your body forces you to get the calories it needs – but gets too many at once. 

2. You can Use it to Avoid Afternoon Crash

Lunch helps to avoid crashing from coffee or sugar

Whether it’s due to your morning coffee, or sugary and starchy morning meals, many of us suffer an afternoon energy crisis that nothing short of a good nap can solve. But if  you have a nutrient-rich lunch, including healthy fats, protein and fibre to stabilize your blood sugar and energy levels, you can stay alert and avoid the crash. 

3. It’s the Meal You’re Most Likely to Cheat On

Even those of us who take the time to make healthy meals at home, lunch is often eaten outside the home. The sheer convenience of it, coupled with the idea that you’re eating healthily otherwise, makes fast food, and its excess sugars, salt and fats, a tempting option for lunch.

Again, what works for you is unique to you. If you’re looking for a way to instantly improve your shape, start reducing the inches and the appearance of cellulite, check out the full line of slimming, anti-cellulite Mass & Slim shapewear.


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