The 3 Most Important Things You Can Do to Reduce Cellulite

The 3 Most Important Things You Can Do to Reduce Cellulite - TheBlackPurple

In your search for answers for reducing the appearance of your cellulite, you’re probably tired of reading headlines like “foods to eat to get rid of cellulite”, or “X exercises to blast away cellulite”.

If so, even the headline of this article might make you a little suspicious.

For the record, this post is written with the following truths in mind. There is nothing wrong with having cellulite. You can never get rid of cellulite. There are no particular foods or exercises that will zero-in on reducing the appearance of your cellulite. 

But all that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about your cellulite. 

The Best Things You Can Do to Reduce Cellulite

The following guidelines will help you set the stage for cellulite reduction.

  1. Get the Right Mindset - Cellulite is a physical thing, but it can cause serious emotional issues. Instead of looking for fast, “get rid of” solutions, prepare yourself mentally for two things. One, your cellulite is not worth the effect it has on your life so stop beating yourself up about it. Two, you can take action.

  2. Eat Healthily - Starting with a balanced diet, the more healthy food you eat, the better. Extra weight can make your cellulite more pronounced. Eating a healthy, balanced diet, or, perhaps more importantly, avoiding unhealthy, processed foods, is a great first step to reducing the skin dimpling you hate so much. Not to mention all the other health benefits of healthy, nutritious food.

  3. Get Active in Any Way You Can - It would help if you found a personal trainer and went to the gym three or four times a week. But, if that’s just not you (and it isn’t most people) don’t let that stop you from doing something. Try to find a way to get regular activity. If you can’t bring yourself to walk, jog or ride a bike, see if there’s an activity at the local community centre that appeals to you. Try yoga. Park further away from the mall entrance. Anything that involves more movement.

    Even if the idea of any extra activity triggers your anxiety, there are still things you can do. Anti-cellulite compression shapewear like Active Slim Compression Leggings, is clinically proven to decrease the appearance of cellulite and its comfortable enough to wear all day.

 To learn more about compression wear, check out our article “Using Compression Wear for Weight Loss”.


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