The Absolutely Fastest, Bar-None, Sure-Fire Way to Lose Cellulite

Way to lose cellulite
We’ll get straight to the point. The absolutely fastest way to lose cellulite is to not take the easy way out. Avoid any anti-cellulite treatment that claims to be the “fastest way to lose cellulite”. Most of all, avoid skin creams that claim to firm your skin and reduce cellulite “in a week”. The brutal truth is that cellulite is the result of fat cells getting between the connective tissue that lies just below your skin. So, while it gives your skin a bumpy appearance, it’s not a skin problem. And you can’t correct it with a skin cream. Want proof that life isn’t fair? While cellulite affects about 90% of women, almost no men have cellulite. The connective tissue, or collagen, below women’s skin is vertical, but men’s collagen is angled, which prevents fat cells from getting through.

How to Really Get Rid of Cellulite

So, if skin creams don’t work, what will? A planned, deliberate approach that uses a number of proven ways to help reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of your skin.
  1. Eat Right – Just by getting your recommended daily calorie intake from a balanced diet will help your skin to look better along with some of these foods to fight cellulite. The extra ‘empty’ calories that come from poor eating habits, like salty and sugary snacks, all get stored as fat. And that fat can make your cellulite worse.
  1. Be More Active – You don’t have to join a gym or spend a fortune on all the right clothing (unless you’re down for some shopping!). Just by adding more activity to your daily routine, you can burn more calories, which will help reduce your cellulite. Extra activities like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further from the mall entrance and having a ‘walk and talk’ if you’re meeting with someone at work, will all contribute to the cellulite burn.
  1. Improve Your Circulation – Huh? How do you do that? When your circulation is poor, your collagen separates, which lets more fat get in under your skin. Massage therapy helps improve circulation. As does the extra activity recommended in point #2. The problem is that you probably can’t get a massage every day. One option is to wear massaging anti-cellulite shapewear daily. Shapewear features tiny beads massage your skin as you move and go about your daily activities. It’s like getting a day long massage without taking the time to do it.

The Black Purple offers an exclusive line of comfortable anti-cellulite shapewear that not only improves your circulation, but also stimulates your body’s natural fat-burning abilities to help you lose pounds and reduce unsightly cellulite.



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