Cosmetex Leggings: The Key to Smooth, Firm Skin!

Cosmetex Leggings: The Key to Smooth, Firm Skin! - TheBlackPurple
Leggings. They have permeated the fashion world over the last few years, and it doesn’t seem the look is going anywhere – and we like that. So highly versatile, comfortable and affordable, why would we say goodbye to them? Women everywhere have embraced the legging trend, and we hope it’s here to stay. But with the “legging look” comes the pressure of having smooth, toned, great-looking legs. While some of us struggle with this, the quest to improve the appearance of our legs and “assets” grows more intense. Exercise and diet, although key to attaining great gams, can always be accompanied by a little extra assistance. …So what if your leggings themselves were actually helping improve the look of your legs the whole time you were wearing them? Imagine, comfortable great-looking leggings that you can wear on daily basis which will sculpt your body effortlessly. Introducing innovative, intelligent leggings from Cosmetex. Double-action anti-cellulite slimming leggings that burn fat and tone for smoother skin.  Two technologies in one.  Micro-capsules and bio-ceramic crystals.  Direct action from the micro-capsules.  A complex fat-burning and toning action which works against the effects of orange peel appearance, thanks to active ingredients including caffeine and fostylene extract used in the micro-capsules.

Works With Your Body All Day

As your body moves throughout the day, the micro-capsules break and release the active cosmetic ingredients, which penetrate and work directly on the skin. The complex fat-burning and toning technology will considerably reduce the orange-peel look of skin!

Cosmetex Slimming Leggings have an instant, durable effect. They’ll help you lose inches and reduce the appearance of cellulite, while their second skin effect will give you a unique feeling of freedom. The more you wear them, the more the leggings will effortlessly sculpt your body.

Natural Ingredients, Natural Processes

Cosmetex Leggings are guaranteed to be effective over the long-term – with its intelligent fibres, and the interaction of bioceramic crystals with the skin.  The body naturally produces heat, which is then absorbed by the bioceramic crystals, and expelled in the form of infra-red rays back into the body.  This causes an increase in the local cutaneous temperature, thereby improving blood and lymphatic circulation, which forces the body to eliminate fat cells.


The proven effectiveness of the Cosmetex Leggings from TheBlackPurple is impressive – up to 3.5 cm around the hips, and 2.8 cm around the thighs.  What’s more, the Cosmetex Leggings retain their effectiveness after washing.
  • 93% of women find the leggings comfortable;
  • 85% noted softer skin;
  • 75% reported smoother skin and would wear them every day.

Jackie from Atlanta writes:

“I wear leggings pretty much everywhere – to work, to the gym, at home.  Over the winter I had gained some “holiday weight” and was noticing cellulite where I hadn’t before.  I started researching what my options to improve my look were, and I needed to stay within a reasonable budget.  I heard about TheBlackPurple’s Cosmetex Slimming Leggings from a friend who had recently used them and decided to give them a try.  She was very happy with them and was excited to share her newfound secret.  I loved them the minute I put them on!  They are so light and hug your form like a second skin.  I have never felt so sexy in leggings before.  It’s amazing how such a thin fabric can still give a wonderful smooth look and boost in the behind area.  After only one wear my skin felt so soft – my husband noticed right away!  Let’s just say I was pretty much hooked and have been wearing them non-stop.  I share my new discovery with all my girlfriends – Cosmetex is that good.” You deserve to put your best leg forward.  Sculpt your body effortlessly.  Innovation in the field of leggings!   Try Cosmetex from TheBlackPurple today.


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