The Best Shapewear for Under Dresses

The Best Shapewear for Under Dresses - TheBlackPurple

Even if your life’s an “open book”, there are parts of the story that are best kept under the cover. We all do a lot every day to present our best selves to the world and, well, the world doesn’t need to know all your secrets for looking fabulous. 

That’s why great shapewear for under dresses is such an important part of your wardrobe. Perhaps no garments have ever done so much for a flattering figure, so invisibly. You don’t even have to worry about panty lines!

The benefits of wearing shapewear don’t stop there either. If you assemble the right combination of shapewear pieces, you can enjoy more tummy control, minimize your muffin top and simply be more well-proportioned, every day.

3 Styles of Shapewear for Under Dresses

In addition to the benefits we just mentioned, the following styles of anti-cellulite shapewear feature all-day and night comfort, eliminate thigh chafing, and their micro-massaging effect helps improve the appearance of your cellulite.

  1. Mass & Slim Shapewear Shorts - This high-waisted style gives you firm control designed to smooth your shape from the top of your waist to just above your knees.  Perfect for longer, tight-fitting dresses, shapewear shorts help you cut a clean figure everywhere you go.

  2. Mass & Slim Waist Shaper - Popularized by Hollywood celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, waist shapers are the smallest and most versatile shapewear style. They give you shape from just below your bust to just above your butt, and can be used under dresses, a skirt and top, jeans and top, or just about anything you wear. All with “you-won’t-know-it’s-there” comfort and ease.
  3. Secret Slim Compression Shorts - Ready to rock a bodycon dress like never before? Here’s your chance. Perfect for shorter dress styles, but with the same seamless, body-sculpting effect, Secret Slim compression shorts round out your entire shapewear wardrobe.

To learn more about the benefits of anti-cellulite shapewear, check out our article “How Effective Are Cellulite Pants”.


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