The Best Weapon to Fight Cellulite? It’s How You Feel

Combating cellulite with how you feel about yourself

Let’s get straight to the facts. 

Facts About Cellulite:

It’s perfectly normal. You can’t get rid of it.

Facts About Cellulite & You:

Like over 90% of adult women, you have cellulite. You hate it. It makes you look away from mirrors and delete photographs of yourself. You often pick what to wear because of your cellulite, not because it’s really what you want to wear. At times, your cellulite might have made you embarrassed, depressed and left you with low self-esteem.

So, what’s the difference between those two sets of facts?

How You Feel About Your Cellulite

The real problem with cellulite isn’t physical, but it’s how it makes you feel. Here’s something that is very common, doesn’t make you sick or unhealthy, and that you can’t eliminate, yet it’s the root of so many bad feelings.

If you can’t change your cellulite, why not try to take steps to transform your feelings about it. And about how you look.

1. Be a Good Friend to Yourself

If you had a friend who told you that her cellulite made her feel bad, would you talk to her like you talk to yourself? Think about the words of encouragement you would give that friend and give them to your inner voice.

2. Take Small Steps for Your Mind & Body

This doesn’t need to be a big change. Small steps can work wonders. Call your Mom more often. Take the stairs. Volunteer. Give up your seat on the bus. Dance like no one’s looking.

3. Do Something that Makes You Feel Better About How You Look

Don’t let negative feelings about how cellulite makes you look stand in the way of feeling better about how you look. Take a makeup class. Buy that expensive outfit. Look in the mirror and see all the good in you.


Even if you’ve hesitated to use Mass & Slim’s cellulite-fighting shapewear because you don’t think they will help you look and feel better about yourself, you won’t know until you try them.



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