The Best Article About Cellulite Ever?

The best article about cellulite

We hope you’re familiar with our habit of busting cellulite headlines. We don’t like seeing so many magazine and online articles that are simply creating impossible hopes that you can ‘blast away cellulite’.

But, even while there’s been a notable increase ‘embracing’ or ‘celebrating’ cellulite stories, there still remains very little coverage of cellulite in the popular media that’s true and fair.

So we were really chuffed to find the article “What You Need To Know About The Connection Between Cellulite And Weight Loss”, on the Women’s Health website.

 If you’re looking for an even-keeled explanation of cellulite, what it is and how it can be ‘treated’, this is it. Almost every paragraph is like a mini cellulite lesson. 

1. “Cellulite is incredibly common”

This can’t be stated too often. The article points out that 80% to 90% of women have cellulite. Despite that, many women who have cellulite feel like they are the exception. You’re not, you’re the rule! 

2. “…people of all weights and sizes can and do have cellulite”

While we wonder about the Hillary Duff example the author uses in the article, the point is that even very slim people can have cellulite. 

3. “Losing weight won’t automatically get rid of cellulite”

Like any other cellulite ‘treatment’, losing weight will not get ‘rid’ of your cellulite. The reason is that the amount of cellulite anyone has depends on a variety of factors, including genetics, age, skin thickness, sex and levels of body fat. 

4. “… it is considered normal from a medical standpoint to have some (cellulite)”

Yes, it’s true. Cellulite is normal. You are not a freak.

5. “Some beauty treatments and creams claim to target cellulite, but experts are skeptical of their efficacy.”

The article does a great job of busting the cellulite-eliminating claims of any skin cream or other topical treatment because, while cellulite appears on the skin, the effect is produced by a layer of fat that is below the surface of the skin. 

6. “…there are no current treatments that will eliminate cellulite completely.”

Enough said.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t look better and feel better about yourself by wearing Mass & Slim anti-cellulite shapewear!


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