The Only Way to Lose Cellulite

The Only Way to Lose Cellulite - TheBlackPurple
Yes, you can probably find endless pages of website listings and pack your email box full of links to sites trumpeting headlines like “How to Get Rid of Cellulite Fast” and “42 Great Ways to Target Cellulite”. We’re not saying that those articles are wrong.  But they use sensational headlines to get you to read them. Those headlines can create false expectations about cellulite and how quickly you can get rid of it - or how many different ways you can get rid of it.

The Causes of Cellulite

Cellulite is caused by fat that is stored just under the surface of your skin. Your skin stays attached to your body partly due to strands of connective tissue. When the fat beneath your skin pushes up, it doesn’t do so around the connective tissue, so you get the dreaded dimpling that gives cellulite its bad name. Despite its unsightly appearance, cellulite is perfectly normal and is not a sign that anything is wrong with you. It could happen anywhere on your body, but because both men and women store more fat around their butts and thighs, that’s where you generally see cellulite the most. Unfortunately for women, their bodies generally carry less muscle tissue than men’s bodies, which makes them somewhat more prone to cellulite.

The Only Way to Get Rid of Cellulite

The fact that cellulite is caused by fat points to the only way to get rid of it, which is to get rid of fat. That’s why many of the sensational headlines about lots of ways to get rid of cellulite, and how to get rid of it fast, are misleading.

And there is only one way to get rid of fat:

Eat a balanced diet that does not give you any more energy than you need to live healthily, while you burn excess fat on your body through exercise, massage, strength training, etc.. How Shapewear Helps: Shapewear is designed to burn fat in precisely those areas that cellulite affects most by gently massaging your skin as you go about your daily activities. The massaging action raises your skin temperature, which helps facilitate increased fat burn.


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