The Secret to Feeling More Positive About Your Cellulite

The Secret to Feeling More Positive About Your Cellulite - TheBlackPurple
So how long has it been that you’ve wanted to reduce your cellulite? How many times have you caught sight of yourself in the mirror and looked away? How many times have you avoided certain clothes because they exposed your cellulite ‘dimples’? New Year’s come and go, and your cellulite is still there. It can stress you out, depress you or simply be a frustration. You’ve tried the creams, diets and rubs. And your cellulite is still there.

It’s Time to Face Your Cellulite

You’re not alone. Around 90% of women of all shapes and sizes have cellulite and it’s doubtful that any of them enjoy it. But cellulite isn’t a disease. It doesn’t hurt you physically. It’s actually quite normal. So why let it affect you so deeply year in and year out? Instead, this year try facing your cellulite and making a new deal with it. A deal that says you’re going to accept it as part of who you are; as something you can live with - without all the negative feelings and emotions.

How to Start Feeling More Positive About Your Cellulite

Fortunately, you won’t have a difficult time to find help in changing your attitude towards cellulite. In fact, thanks to the body positive movement many women are flaunting their cellulite, relating their stories and changing common misconceptions. But how do you begin the turnaround? It’s not like you can be suddenly overjoyed that you have cellulite. You probably never will be really happy about it. That’s part of the original problem with cellulite. Just like you’ve never been able to get rid of it (because there’s no way to ‘get rid’ of cellulite) if you think that you can make it a wonderful thing, you’re just setting yourself up for more negativity when you can’t. Here are just a few ways that you can start changing your attitude towards your cellulite and make the feelings and emotions around it have less effect on you.

1. Stop Reading the ‘Get Rid of Cellulite’ Media

Cellulite is caused by fat cells that push up between the connective tissue under your skin. It is far more common in women than in men because women have more layers of fat under their skin. Actually getting rid of your cellulite is virtually impossible and, even if you could, it would probably harm your physical health far more than having cellulite as harmed your feelings and emotions. So stop letting those empty ‘banish your cellulite’ claims get you down. Reducing your cellulite is a realistic goal. Eliminating it is not.

2. Look for Support Instead

As we mentioned, the body positive movement has spawned a trend toward accepting your cellulite. Start looking for more positive media about cellulite. Check out these Instagram accounts from two women who aren’t afraid to show their cellulite to the world and be open about their struggles with it.

PlankingForPizza -

OMGKenzieee -

3. Use Your Cellulite as Motivation

The best way to manage cellulite is to start living a healthier lifestyle through a balanced diet and more activity. Try to use your cellulite to start making positive changes in your life.

4. Do What You Can

If you suddenly change your diet and start a rigorous workout program, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Massive changes to your life, made in a short time, are difficult to sustain. Make the changes you are comfortable with, no matter how small. Add a little activity, swap one unhealthy snack for a healthy one.

And if you want to make even fewer changes, look for other options to improve your cellulite’s appearance with little or no effort, like wearing anti-cellulite slimming shapewear that has been proven to reduce cellulite.

In the end, it’s up to you. This year, you can choose to continue to have the same relationship you’ve always had with cellulite, or you can choose to make it better.


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