Trump’s Election Can Help You Be More Comfortable in Your Shapewear

Trump’s Election Can Help You Be More Comfortable in Your Shapewear - TheBlackPurple
When Donald Trump was elected President, you would have thought that the sky was falling. Expectations of stock market crashes, nuclear holocaust and border walls ran rampant. But now, as he starts his presidency just two months later, the expectations are different. While President-elect Trump may have softened his line on some issues, the main reason for the turnaround is the simple acceptance of the fact that he will be President and, whether you like him or not, the only thing any of us can do is try to make the best of it.

Will 2017 be the Year of ‘Acceptance’?

The growing tendency to accept Donald Trump for who he is, and try to make the best of the fact that he is President, might be part of a new trend that may reveal itself more fully as 2017 unfolds. The February 2017 issue of Glamour magazine features a cover shot of the four female stars of the popular HBO series, Girls. But it’s not who’s on the cover that’s important. Unlike virtually every fashion and beauty magazine’s cover for as long as anyone can remember, the February Glamour cover isn’t ‘photoshopped’ to get rid of Lena Dunham’s cellulite and other ‘imperfections’. And Lena Dunham has thanked Glamour for running the cover. The cover is yet another milestone in the body positive movement, which encourages everyone to adopt a more forgiving, accepting and affirmative attitude toward their bodies. The goal of the change in attitude is to improve overall health and well being.

Shapewear will Help but Being Body Positive Might be the Best Thing You Do to Reduce Cellulite

While the body positive movement is about all sorts of physical appearance issues and shapewear can help, extra weight and cellulite are among the most common that affect a person’s self-esteem. The idea of accepting your cellulite does not necessarily mean you shrug your shoulders and forget about it. The body positive movement is about living a healthier life, mentally and physically. That means managing your weight, and therefore your cellulite, as best you can. And, like many people’s view of Donald Trump, just because you accept your cellulite doesn’t mean you have to like it. You can still take steps to improve its appearance, beyond managing your weight, including wearing shapewear. In fact, by helping to make you feel better about yourself and your body, the body positive movement can give you the strength and confidence you need to actually make a difference in the appearance of your cellulite.


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