Time for More Cellulite Headline Busting

Time for More Cellulite Headline Busting - TheBlackPurple
A few months ago we reached our limit. We simply couldn’t read another headline that made obvious false promises about getting rid of cellulite. For anyone with cellulite, those headlines might seem like the answer they’ve always been looking for. But claims those headlines make are at best misleading and, at worst, potentially dangerous to your health. So we decided to write a post that busted some of the untrue cellulite headlines. Well, it’s happened again. As we surf the web to keep up-to-date about cellulite, we often come across more misleading information than solid facts. Here are just a few recent headlines that we busted this time.
  1. “Cinnamon is the Magic Spice the Will Help Get Rid of the Embarrassing Presence of Cellulite” – It’s actually fairly simple to become your own headline buster. If you see an article about cellulite with words like “magic”, “miracle” or “get rid” in the headline, you can probably bust it right there – no need to waste your time reading it.

Why It’s Busted: Aside from the fact that no magical powers have ever been associated with cinnamon, there are a number of things wrong with this article. The claim is that toxins are stored in the fat cells that produce cellulite and cinnamon helps detoxify your body. But even if you eliminate all the toxins from your body, the best you can hope for is a slightly noticeable reduction in the appearance of your cellulite. You certainly won’t ‘get rid’ of it.

  1. “Start Your Day With It and Shine! It Erases Your Wrinkles, Kilograms and Cellulite.” – OK, let’s add “erases” to the list of words you can use to spot a sketchy cellulite headline.Why It’s Busted: This one busts itself. Suddenly, by the end of the first paragraph, the claim for the smoothie in question is reduced to “minimize the cellulite”, which is a far cry from ‘erases’ – and it’s still not accurate.
  1. “6 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite and Fat in Thighs” – This headline boldly sports three inaccuracies in just 12 words. That’s a 25% inaccuracy rate!

Why It’s Busted: First, there are no easy ways to get rid of fat, which in turn means no easy ways to get rid of cellulite. Second, If you ‘got rid’ of fat (and therefore cellulite) you’d die. Third, if you do manage to reduce body fat through a balanced diet and exercise, it’s impossible to focus that fat loss on your thighs or any other particular body part.

Remember, if the headline sounds too good to be true, it is. Keep looking for ways to eat a healthier diet and find ways to get more activity in your life and you’ll be doing just about as much as you can to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


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