Top 4 Ways to Reduce Cellulite

Top 4 Ways to Reduce Cellulite - TheBlackPurple
You might not know it, but you probably show symptoms of the following:
  • Adiposis edematosa
  • Dermopanniculosis deformans
  • Status protrusus cutis
  • Gynoid lipodystrophy
  • Orange peel syndrome
First, you can relax. You don’t have a bunch of crazy ailments. In fact, it’s the opposite. These are all different names for cellulite, which isn’t an ‘ailment’ or any kind of disease or any indication that there’s anything wrong with you. By most estimates, about 90% of women show signs of cellulite. To get an idea of the harmlessness of cellulite, it helps to know exactly what it is. The name refers to the dimpled, orange-peel appearance of your skin, mostly on your butt and thighs. The bumpiness happens because of what’s happening just below the skin’s surface. Your skin attaches to your body with strands of connective tissue. They are sort of like the poles that hold up a large tent. Everyone has a layer of fat just below the surface of the skin. When that fat pushes up, your skin expands, except where it connects to your body. And that creates the dimples we call cellulite.

It’s Perfectly Normal, But that Doesn’t Mean You Have to Like It

As harmless as it is, you won’t find too many people who like the looks of cellulite. But the problem is, because it’s a perfectly natural condition and despite what you might read in magazines and on the internet, there’s no way to get ‘rid’ of cellulite. But you can definitely improve its appearance. If cellulite has lots of names, you’ll find even more tips and tactics to reduce it. To help you cut through the information overload, here are the four top ways to reduce your cellulite.

1. Weight Reduction

Clearly, if the fat layer below your skin is at the root of your cellulite, then fat loss is a great way to make the dimples dimmer. But it’s a mistake to jump on the latest diet craze to try lose weight and make your cellulite look better. Fad diets don’t work. Most people end up putting the lost weight back on, and more. That makes your cellulite even worse. Instead, Choose a long-term weight loss program that will help you shed the pounds and keep them off.

2. Exercise

Like healthily losing weight, exercise helps reduce the fat content of your body too. It also has the added bonus of toning the muscles that lie below your skin, and of helping to improve the look and health of your skin – all of which makes your cellulite less noticeable.

3. Massage

Massage works on a number of levels to reduce your cellulite. First, it stimulates blood and lymph circulation, which has the dual effect of flushing out excess fluids and bringing in nutrients that make you skin look great. Second, the massaging action creates heat, which softens the connective bands under your skin. Third, it helps to smooth out the dimples.

4. Anti-Cellulite Shapewear

As effective as it may be, the problem with massage is that few of us have the time and/or money to visit a masseuse often enough to see sustained cellulite reduction. But, made with tiny beads that gently massage your skin as you move, anti-cellulite shapewear delivers the cellulite-busting benefits of massage throughout the day.

And shapewear gives you two other major benefits that you can’t get from regular massage. First, the constant motion of the shapewear over your skin creates heat that is clinically proven to reduce thigh and waist circumferences. Second, because it’s ‘shapewear’, it improves your figure the moment you put it on - and you can wear it comfortably all day long. Yes, you can reduce cellulite. And, if you use the ways listed above, you’ll also be doing a lot to improve your overall appearance and health too.


I have been wearing my mass and slim leggings for less than a week. I have already noticed tightening and toning in my legs, butt and stomach. I’m also seeing a reduction in cellulite and smoothing of my skin. Very impressed for the first week! I never submit reviews but if you are looking for something to help get u in shape and to look toned, these leggings are the bomb! Worth every dime I paid. I will post back in thirty days with an update but so far I’m extremely thrilled with these leggings! Great results!

Pam Crawford, USA.

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