What it Means to Live with Your Cellulite but Not Love it

What it Means to Live with Your Cellulite but Not Love it - TheBlackPurple
The recent efforts by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ashley Graham to promote a healthier body image and tackle body shaming by publicizing photos that plainly show their cellulite are to be applauded. The fact is that there is no single ‘normal’ for everyone and, if anything, it’s our unique differences that should be celebrated. The greater acceptance of it makes it easier to live with your cellulite. Not every single media image you see is of an unrealistically perfect body. But, at least for some people, it can be a mistake to think that while you can more easily live with your cellulite, you also must love it. Life isn’t perfect. There will always be things you don’t care for. But it’s a mistake to let those things rule your life.

What it Means to Live With Cellulite

It means not letting it ruin your life. It’s just cellulite. It’s not particularly harmful and nine out of ten women have it – including famous celebrities and models that we often think have ‘perfect’ bodies (whatever ‘perfect’ means). Living with cellulite means you don’t have to keep searching for the latest cream or scrub to get ‘rid’ of it. You can’t get rid of cellulite, so it’s best for you, mentally and physically, to live with it.

What it Means to not Love Your Cellulite

It means, instead of focusing on something you don’t like about yourself, focus on the things you love. If you love the people around you, if you love being healthier, if you love to look your best, then work on your relationships, eat healthier foods, and wear outfits that flatter your body. Interestingly, when you work on the things you love about your life, it helps you manage the things that you don’t, including your cellulite. The Black Purple’s cellulite-reducing shapewear helps you look your best in anything you wear.  Visit our website to learn more.


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