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Tummy Tuck Compression Garments - Post Surgery

Posted by Nima Rafizadeh on

While tummy tuck surgical procedures are generally considered a form of cosmetic surgery, they can deliver far more benefits than other cosmetic procedures. 

In addition to a slimmer, firmer waistline, patients may also see improvements like less back pain, reduced urinary incontinence, easier weight loss, and better posture.

But, all those added benefits of a tummy tuck over other plastic surgery will only happen if you properly take care of yourself during the healing process.

In addition to strictly following your doctor’s guidelines, one of the best ways to support your abdominal muscles following surgery is to wear a tummy tuck compression garment, like a Mass & Slim Waist Shaper slimming belt.     

4 Benefits of Tummy Tuck Compression Garments Post Surgery

Just like tummy tucks offer lots of added benefits, waist shapers help your post-surgery recovery in many ways.

  1. Reduces Swelling & Fluid Buildup - By gently compressing the affected areas, compression wear can help reduce fluid build and swelling in two ways. First, the compression can keep excess fluid out of the affected areas. Second, it helps your lymph and blood circulation to reduce any fluid that does build up.

  2. Better Shape - Left unsupported, your skin and muscles of your abdominal area, which have just gone through the stress of surgery, may not fall back into shape as well as possible. But a compression garment supports your abdominal wall, muscles and skin so that everything keeps a proper body contour as it heals.

  3. More Comfort - Recovering from any surgical procedure can pose a few challenges. With the support of a compression garment as you recover, you will have fewer aches and pains due to simple movement, stretching or straining damaged tissue.

  4. Faster Recovery - Generally speaking, with less swelling and fluid buildup; more support for while your body heals; and less chance of aches and pains, it all adds up less potential for complications and faster recovery times.

To find out more about how compression wear reduces swelling, check out our article “3 More Benefits of Compression Leggings for Reducing Lymphedema”.

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