4 Reasons to Join Our 15% Cashback Referral Program

4 Reasons to Join Our 15% Cashback Referral Program - TheBlackPurple

First, the biggest reason to join TheBlackPurple's Cashback Referral Program is right there in the name.

You get cash back! 

But read on to learn more.

How the Cashback Referral Program Works

We created the Program as a reward for our loyal community for sharing their love of our award-winning, anti-cellulite slimming shapewear—like our Mass & Slim Shapewear Shorts.

All you need to do is join the Program, tell your friends, families, followers and connections about our innovative shapewear and compression wear, and get a 15% cash commission on any purchases made through your personal link.

We even give you own $10-off coupon code to share with your connections and offer them another reason to get their TheBlackPurple products through your link.

More Reasons to Join the Cashback Referral Program

If getting 15% cashback isn't enough reason for you to join the Prgram, here are just a few more.

  1. You Don't Have to Do Any 'Selling'

    Like we said earlier, this is a reward to you for sharing your love of  TheBlackPurple's shapewear and compression garments. All you have to do is share that love with anyone you think will enjoy them too, and give them your $10-off coupon code to make their decision an easy one.

  2. No Hidden Fees

    It's very simple. Signup for the program, get your personal referral link and coupon code, share them with people you know, and get 15% cash back on every purchase they make through your link. That's it.

  3. There's No Pressure on Your Friends

    Your connections are not pressured to buy. They have 30 days from the first time they visit your personal page (which we create just for you) to make a purchase from which you will get cashback. So if they want time to think about what they want to buy, they have it.

  4. Free Shipping & No Tax

    TheBlackPurple products are all shipped from North America. When your connections make a purchase, they get free shipping across the USA via USPS, and they pay no extra tax.

One more reason to join the Program. The sooner you join, the sooner you start making 15% cashback! Learn more and sign-up for the Cashback Referral Program today.



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