How Much Can You Earn in the Cashback Referral Program?

How Much Can You Earn in the Cashback Referral Program? - TheBlackPurple

We're really excited here at TheBlackPurple to have recently launched our Cashback Referral Program. So excited that we're doing everything we can to spread the word and answer all the questions we've been getting about the program.

What is the Cashback Referral Program?

We introduced the Cashback Referral Program to reward our loyal customers for all the wonderful stories they shared with us. After trying to thank everyone, we decided to give them a way to share their love of our products with their friends, family and colleagues . A way that actually pays them for doing so.

The Cashback Referral Program gives you a 15% cash commission for all purchases of TheBlackPurple's shapewear and compression wear, like the Mass & Slim Waist Shaper, made through your personal referral link.

And to help you get even more sales, you get a 10%-off coupon code that you can give everyone in your network to incentivize them to buy.

How Do You Join the Cashback Program?

You can start earning your commission in just four easy steps.

  1. Sign-Up - When you do, you can create your own $10-off coupon code.
  2. Get Your Personal Referral Link - It's the one you share with your connections to starting earning commissions from their purchases
  3. Share Your Coupon Code - To give you connections even more reasons to share your love of shapewear.
  4. Check Your Personal Dashboard - See how much you've earned, when is your next payment, and check on who's ordered—and who hasn't.

How Much Can You Earn?

The answer to that important question is entirely up to you. To start getting an idea of how much income you can make through the Program, think of how many people you know who would like to feel the same comfort and confidence you feel when you slip on TheBlackPurple's shapewear and compression garments.

Now, visit our Cashback Referral Program information page and check out the Cashback Calculator. Just enter the number of contacts you think would love each of our products as much as you do and automatically find out how much you can expect to make.






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