3 More Cellulite Headlines Busted

Cellulite headlines busted fake news | The Black Purple
Considering the movement towards more acceptance of cellulite, we were hoping we wouldn’t have to bust any more cellulite headlines. Media stories with headlines designed to get you to click on them, rather than to actually offer any real fact or truth, continue to be a major problem.

Why are misleading cellulite headlines a problem? Because they continue the myths surrounding cellulite, including that it’s a health problem and that it can be ‘cured’.

By itself, cellulite is not a sign of any health issues. So it can’t be cured because there’s nothing to ‘cure’. The idea of ‘curing’ bumpy skin is as ridiculous as ‘curing’ smooth skin.

Let Bust Some More Cellulite Headlines!!

1. 6 Exercises to Help You Get Rid of Cellulite in 2 Weeks

If you’ve read any of our other cellulite headline-busting posts, you can probably understand the issues we have with this headline.

First, there’s no ‘getting rid’ of cellulite. Second, it’s not even recommended that you lose more than a couple pounds in that time. In other words, this headline promises something that’s impossible, and it promises that it will happen in an impossible amount of time.

On the plus side, the exercises listed are worthwhile.

2. 7 Best Exercises to Get Rid of Cellulite on Buttocks and Thighs Fast

Here’s the ‘get rid’ of thing again. But this time it’s coupled with yet another impossibility. While exercise can reduce the appearance of cellulite, you can’t target an area of your body. Sure the exercises listed are good ones, and they might help you improve your muscle tone and reduce your weight. But they will be doing that all over your body.

Even worse than the headline, further down in the article, there is a graphic titled: How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Buttocks, Legs and Thighs Exercises in 30 Days.

3. The Four Grades of Cellulite and How You Can Fight Back

Clever. Very clever. Many websites know that the ‘get rid of cellulite’ angle is wearing thin because most of us know better. So they write headlines to make something sound more complex and scientific, even when it isn’t either one. Cellulite is cellulite. Yes, some cellulite appears worse than others, but it has never been officially categorized by ‘grade’. Giving is such a classification also makes cellulite sound like it’s a problem. Cancer tumors have grades. Cellulite does not.
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