How the Quality of Your Diet can Reduce Cellulite

A quality diet can reduce cellulite | The Black Purple
The never-ending quest for ways to reduce your cellulite seems to often lead down the road of weight loss.

The idea is simple. Cellulite’s lumpy, dimpled appearance is caused by deposits of fat cells under the surface of your skin pushing between the skin’s connective tissue. As the fat cells build up, they tend to push out against the skin, while the connective tissue holds your skin back.

So if you lose fat through a weight loss program, there will be less of it to push your skin out, which should reduce your cellulite.

Weight Loss Diets Don’t Usually Work So They Don’t Reduce Cellulite.

Simply dieting, especially using fad weight loss diets, can produce a short-term reduction in weight, but keeping it off is a different story. Nearly 65% of fad dieters regain their pre-diet weight within three years of the initial weight loss.

So, unless you want to be constantly starving yourself, fad diets don’t work - for weight loss or cellulite reduction.

A Diet of Quality Foods Works

A study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association offers hope for sustained weight loss and cellulite reduction.

The study’s participants went on a diet that didn’t slash the number of calories they ate each day. Instead, their diet cut back on added sugars, refined grains, and processed foods. In place of the foods they cut out, they ate more vegetables and whole foods.

Here’s the Bonus:

They did not count calories. In other words, they generally ate until they were satisfied.

The Results:

After one year on their diet of quality, nutritious foods, study participants lost and an average of about 12.5 lbs. It might not sound like a lot, but that’s about 9% of the average weight of a 40-year-old Canadian woman.

Even better, considering that fat accounts for only part of your body weight, and that most of your weight loss will be in fat, 12.5 lbs is an even higher percentage of your total body fat.

If you would like to start making an immediate impact on your cellulite, start eating a healthy, balanced diet, and use anti-cellulite Mass & Slim shapewear. They add flattering shape to your body the moment you put them on, and their massaging action helps reduce cellulite and inches off your body.


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