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More Cellulite Headline Busting - TheBlackPurple

It’s been over a year since we started busting cellulite headlines here on The Black Purple blog. It started as a way to underline the misconceptions and sheer lies about cellulite, like that you could get easily ‘rid’ of it, that are common in news media, and from those who prey on people who are embarrassed by their cellulite. 

In the time since that first headline-busting post, there’s been some good news and some bad news.

First, while a year ago we found almost nothing but false, sensational, ‘click-bait’ headlines promising ‘miracle cures’ for cellulite, today you’re just as likely to find body-positive posts that encourage you to embrace and live with your cellulite.

The bad and most appalling news is that the phony, misleading headlines are still there and coming from otherwise reputable sources.

So, without wasting another minute on fake news, let’s bust some more cellulite headlines.

  1. ‘Want to ditch your cellulite? Dermatology professor reveals which cures actually work’ – If you’re not familiar with the term ‘click-bait headline’ this is a perfect example. By using the word ‘cures’ in the title, the headline gives the impression that cellulite can be ‘cured’ (it’s not the plague!) and that the article reveals how. So who with cellulite wouldn’t click on that? But, almost as soon as it starts, the article uses more realistic wording like ‘reduce the dimples’ and ‘be wary of miracle cures’. In the end, no ‘cure’ is offered. 
  1. ‘Does Dry Brushing Really Reduce Cellulite and Help You Look Younger?’ Here’s one that’s trying to sell something that you don’t really need. The cellulite-reducing principle of the brush is that it “improves circulation and helps flush waste and toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system.” But you don’t need a dry brush to do that. A good massage from your partner will do the same thing and be lots more fun too. 
  1. ‘Can you really beat cellulite with just a cream?’ – The worst example of a terrible cellulite headline and story comes from one of the oldest, most respected news outlets in the UK. First, of course you can’t ‘beat cellulite’ – if you’ve been reading our headline-busting posts, you’d be wise to that one.

    But check out this excerpt from the article:
“There are treatments that can get rid of cellulite, including the CelluBust treatment that Dr. Williams uses. The 12-week programme includes having carbon dioxide injected into the area and mesotherapy every two weeks, as well as a full at-home ritual.”
Not only is this article nothing but an undisclosed advertisement for a sham product, but it makes a poor attempt to sound legitimate and ‘new’ with statements like ‘a full at-home ritual.’

Huh? Sounds like you’ll have burn some incense and recite cellulite-busting chants to make this one work.

If want to spot a product or story that isn’t fake, look for one that backs up any claims with the results of independent clinical trials, like The Black Purple’s cellulite-fighting shapewear.

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