How to Choose Shapewear - Hint: It’s All About the Fabric

How to Choose Shapewear - Hint: It’s All About the Fabric - TheBlackPurple

Here’s a tip. If you’ve ever ripped through your wardrobe looking for the right outfit, the one that fits just right and makes you feel great—but you just couldn’t find anything—it might be time to choose shapewear.

The thing is, for reasons beyond your control, sometimes nothing in your wardrobe gives you the unique combination to make you feel more confident and comfortable.  

Shapewear can offer a solution, but not necessarily in the way you think. Wearing shapewear can give you a confidence-inspiring smooth silhouette, combined with all-day comfort, to help you look and feel just the way you want.

But only if you choose the right shapewear. 

3 tips for Choosing the Right Shapewear 

Depending on the piece of shapewear you choose, you can wear it under your clothing to make any outfit look better, or you can feel comfortable wearing it all on its own.

Here’s how to spot the best shapewear for you.

Look for Smart Fabrics

The right shapewear can help give your figure extra firmness, including tummy control and help for your muffin-top love handles too. However, if you want that kind of control, you need to look for shapewear made with smart fabric, which combines two intelligent-fibre technologies:

  1. Micro-Encapsulated Active Ingredients - Imagine a fabric that actually releases active cosmetic ingredients as you wear it.

  2. Bio-Ceramic - And now imagine that same fabric also being infused with tiny, bio-ceramic crystals that actually help to redirect our body heat.   

The friction from your body’s natural movement breaks up the microcapsules so they slowly release the active cosmetic ingredients, which penetrate and act within your skin. The resulting heat is absorbed and transformed by the bio-ceramic crystals, which re-emit the heat as infrared radiation.

That raises the surface temperature of your skin, which, in turn, increases the rate of blood and lymphatic circulation. This can promote the elimination of fat cells within your body.

Choose the Shapewear Garment That works for You

Are you looking for near full-body shaping or just more control from the bra line to your mid-thigh? Do you want to wear your shapewear only when you work out or are active? Or do you want all-day comfort? Are you going to wear your shapewear garments on their own, or only under other clothes? The answers to these questions will help you choose the best shapewear for your needs.

  1. Give Yourself Options

For most of us, one, single shapewear fashion just won’t do everything for you. Active Slim Compression wear is available in two configurations: Compression Shorts & Compression Leggings. They each offer all of the advantages of smart fabric, with all-day comfort, and the style to work on their own or under your clothes to make your favourite jeans and dresses look their best.

Put them together in your wardrobe, and you’ll have shapewear options for every day.

To learn more about compression shapewear, check out our article “Yes, You Can Keep Wearing Compression Garments All Summer!”.



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