Cellulite & Learning How To Fight It – TheBlackPurple Way!

Cellulite & Learning How To Fight It – TheBlackPurple Way! - TheBlackPurple
In my 36 years I have always tried to adhere to healthy living, and in general I succeeded. Being “health conscious” to me means getting the essential food groups and nutrients in your daily diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, limiting toxic items like alcohol, cigarettes and processed food, and overall, managing stress. At 5’11” and what my mother would call “big-boned”, I had a propensity to gain weight if I did not keep an eye on my diet and stay very active. In my lifelong quest to maintain a healthy, comfortable weight, I tried many pills claiming miracle weight loss or fat burning, or some new exercise routine that promised fast & easy results with little effort. After all of this experimenting, I still came to the same conclusion: the tried and true method of eating healthy and exercising regularly is the best way to lose excess weight and keep it off. As we all know, the metabolism slows down as we age, and we lose about 5% muscle mass every year after reaching the age of 35. Where I once prided myself on maintaining a fairly fit physique, I was finding it more and more difficult to keep extra weight off. This is a frustrating experience when you know how much effort you are putting into your health and physical state. In addition to this, I started noticing that although I had never had a problem with cellulite previously, suddenly I was noticing dimples in cetain areas – and I did not like it. Now since I had never had to deal with cellulite, I didn’t have the first clue what to research on how to fight it. I had always passed by the anti-cellulite creams and lotions in the store, thanking the stars that I didn’t need them. I found myself in a conundrum – I may be getting older, but I am sure as hell not going to take this cellulite situation lightly! I started to look for solutions that would fit both my budget, and my busy, active lifestyle. A friend told me about Lanaform, and that it was the number one product in Europe for anti-cellulite shapewear that had just recently been brought to Canada and the U.S. Lanaform has had tremendous success and great results in clinical studies. Their Mass & Slim and Cosmetex shapewear are easy to wear, made of gentle, breathable fabrics that can be worn under clothes undetected. At this point I decided I had nothing to lose, and purchased both the Mass & Slim Slimming Shorts and Cosmetex Slimming Leggings. The first thing I have to say about Lanaform and TheBlackPurple is how quick and easy the ordering process and delivery was! I received my products 2 days after ordering, even though the website said on average 3-5 business days. Bonus! Free delivery always works for me too. I tried the Cosmetex Slimming Leggings first since I planned to be home all day. They are like a silky second skin and I immdediately loved the way my legs and bottom looked!! I would say that these leggings are less of a support garment and more of a secret skin silkening power tool! Cosmetex really do enhance your shape, giving an overall much sexier appearance and no one knows the difference from regular old black leggings but wonders why you look so good. The softness of my skin was instantly noticeable after wearing, not only by me but by my boyfriend as well. I only wish I’d bought a Large instead of a Medium since I am so tall… otherwise totally recommend – Cosmetex is a fantastic product! Now, for la Piece de Resistance… the Mass & Slim Slimming Shorts! I cannot say enough about this wonderful product! It takes a bit of getting used to the not-so-pretty appearance, but let’s be honest – they are in actuality a medical-like device. We are wearing them under our clothes and they are constructed more for form and function than a sexy underwear item. It pretty much only took me one day of wearing them before I was hooked. The thin, breathable fabric moves with your body, does not roll or constrict in any uncomfortable way – and this is important when wearing them for 8 hours a day every day. I felt so at-home in the Mass & Slim Shorts that I couldn’t wait to put them back on every day. They work well under pretty much any outfit, I wore them to the gym regularly and washing is simple in cold water followed by hang-to-dry. After using both the Cosmetex Leggings and Mass & Slim Shorts consistently for the recommended 28 day period, I definitely lost inches around my hips, thighs and waist. I see a significant improvement in any dimpling I was starting to notice. I feel tighter and more firm. The Mass & Slim Shorts come quite far up the rib-cage so they were more effective around my mid-section than I had even hoped for! I have become so accustomed to wearing these products that I intend to continue wearing them as part of my daily routine and plan on buying new items after the recommended number of washes. It has been a long time since I have been as happy with an online purchase as I have been with my Lanaform shapewear from TheBlackPurple. I will definitely be helping them spread the word because every woman concerned about her shape or cellulite needs to know about Lanaform. Thank you to TheBlackPurple and their amazing team!


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