Healthy Bodies Come in All Shapes & Sizes!

Healthy Bodies Come in All Shapes & Sizes! - TheBlackPurple

The Black Purple Promotes Healthy Living & Fatty Tissue Awareness

TheBlackPurple wants you to be comfortable in your skin, and with your size.  We are not proponents of fad dieting and do not condone women trying to attain unrealistic beauty standards.  We are here to simply help you reduce the appearance of cellulite, which in itself is a sign of an underlying health issue.   Cellulite can happen to women of all shapes and sizes, as we have discussed previously.  The key to reducing and managing cellulite, is to lead a healthy lifestyle, be conscious of diet and exercise, and as much as possible, increase elimination of toxins from the body and daily regimen.

Being Proactive in The Fight Against Cellulite & Maintaining Low Body Fat Percentage

When we don’t take care of our diet in a wholesome manner, our internal organs develop excess fatty tissue, which leads to poor stamina and other problems.  Another result of this lifestyle is cellulite.  It is very important to stay informed on your body fat percentage and make efforts to lower it should it be too high.  Working with your doctor or trainer at the gym will help you establish and manage your body fat percentage while learning how to incorporate healthy habits into your daily life. Cellulite is not only found on women who are heavier.  Even skinny women experience cellulite at high rates, if they do not take care of their health, diet and fitness.

Mass & Slim Shapewear: Improve Figure & Fight Cellulite

  The Lanaform Mass & Slim shapewear products, meant to be worn as snug undergarments, specifically aid in the reduction of toxins in the body by improving subcutaneous and lymphatic flow – which in turn reduces any bumpy “orange peel” appearance and  improves the look of skin overall.

Cosmetex Leggings: Fight Cellulite & Rediscover Firm, Smooth Skin

  The Cosmetex Slimming Leggings is not shapewear, but are meant to be worn comfortably on their own while at home or in the gym, and are different in that they literally provide a “second skin”.  Cosmetex Leggings use fabric made with intelligent fibre with ceramic crystals and millions of microcapsules containing a complex of caffeine and extract of Forskolin to smooth skin and combat the appearance of cellulite.  Incorporating the use of our anti-cellulite slimming shorts, waist shaper or leggings will give your diet and fitness efforts the extra “push” they deserve to really see results.


The Most Important Aspect of A Womanès Beauty Is Her Confidence!

When a woman is confident in herself and comfortable with her body, it shines through for everyone to see.  There is nothing more attractive than a confident woman who is not afraid to put herself out there and succeed, no matter what her size.  Cellulite does not have to hinder your confidence any more.  Plus-sized or pint-sized, with Mass & Slim and Cosmetex products, you don’t need to hide in the gym change room, or on the beach, or in the bedroom.

The Black Purple Has Your Anti-Cellulite Solution!

Lanaform’s line of anti-cellulite shapewear is here to work with the size and shape of your body, and simply improve the appearance of your skin, while toning and firming the areas where you need it most.  There are no complicated techniques or time-consuming tricks to using Lanaform shapewear – just put it on and away you go.  Mass & Slim and Cosmetex work with your body for 8 hours a day, while you go about your daily routine. What is stopping you from being the fully confident woman you know you are?  


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