Top 3 Free Virtual Fitness Classes To Keep You Healthy & In Shape

Top three virtual fitness classes to keep you in shape at home safely with the help of TheBlackPurple's compression shapewear

The COVID-19 crisis has affected us as individuals and as a society in many different ways. One outcome may be the renewed focus on taking care of ourselves in the midst of the worst health crisis of our lifetime. And to help you improve your health and fitness, we’ve assembled our top 3 websites offering free virtual fitness classes, online workouts and training programs.  

Do Yoga With Me

If there’s still a veil of mystique around yoga for you, it's time to drop it. And get into a downward dog. Do Yoga With Me is the web’s leading provider of free streaming yoga videos. Their YouTube channel offers videos for practitioners of all levels, including absolute beginners, kids and for those who want to explore specialized areas like Japa meditation.  You can try a single short class, or get into an ongoing program over days or weeks.

Fitness By Sarah Taylor

Just in case you’re still using your body type or size as an excuse to not stay active, there are award-winning, body-positive, virtual group fitness classes offered by fitness instructor and plus-size model, Sarah Taylor. Here you’ll find live-streamed classes of full-body workouts and strength training, using little or no equipment.  And you can try it all out with a free trial virtual class.

Planet Fitness

The popular real-world gym and fitness studio, with locations across the U.S. and Canada, Planet Fitness launched their “Home Work-In” series in response to not being able to welcome people in person during COVID.  Each live class is 20 minutes or less, doesn’t require any equipment and is streamed on their Facebook page daily at 7:00 pm.

Come Prepared

While these are all free classes that mean you don’t need to buy expensive memberships or equipment, you should approach them as a serious way for you to get fit, and stay fit. 

That means coming prepared with the right mindset, open to all the challenges and rewards of yoga. And if you dress properly, including  Active Slim Compression Leggings, which will support you as you workout, you’ll get more from every fitness program you choose.

To learn more about the advantages of compression wear, check out our article “Benefits To Wearing Compression Leggings While Working From Home.”


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