Just What Are Compression Leggings Good For?

A woman wearing black compression shapewear leggings. Find out the benefits to wearing compression leggings and how they can help you!

You’ve got leggings. Probably lots of them. And they’re your favourite for working or relaxing at home, quick shopping trips or even wearing under a skirt or dress. But you’ve been hearing a lot about the benefits of compression leggings recently and wondering if you should switch. Except you’re probably wondering  what are compression leggings good for anyway.

5 Benefits of Compression Leggings

First, while they offer more support, they are just as comfortable as regular leggings for all the uses we mentioned above. So you can still wear them all day in lots of different situations. But compression leggings offer many more benefits.

  1. Gets Rid of Sweat - Wearing compression clothing all day is possible, unless it's really hot or you’re really active. Sweat can make the most comfortable clothing intolerable. One of the reasons that athletes wear compression garments is because they wick away sweat to reduce chafing and other discomforts of sweating.

  2. Reduces Swelling - Edema, or swelling, particularly in the legs, can be an occasional problem for some people, or a chronic condition for others.  One of the effects of compression leggings is to help reduce the amount of fluids that build up in your legs to minimize edema and it's symptoms.
  3. Increases Circulation - Compression wear, like Active Slim Compression Leggings, that’s made with biometric fibre delivers a light massaging effect as you wear them. This brings more oxygen and nutrients to your legs and skin.

  4. Helps You Be More Active - Increased blood flow helps reduce muscle soreness, remove impurities and lactic acid, and lower your perceived exertion. In other words, your legs won’t feel sore or tired as quickly when you wear compression tights, so you can be more active throughout the day.

  5. Improves the Appearance of Cellulite - The extra nutrients and oxygen that increased blood circulation brings helps tone the muscles supported by the leggings, strengthen your skin and make it more elastic. It all combines to improve the appearance of cellulite in the areas covered by the leggings.

To find out more about how better circulation from compression leggings can help you, check out our article “The Benefits of Improved Circulation from Compression Garments”.


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