How Increased Blood and Lymph Circulation Helps Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

Improved Circulation Reducing Cellulite | The Black Purple

Cellulite isn’t bad for you. It isn’t a disease. It’s a natural occurrence and, just like there’s no ‘cure’ for other natural occurrences, like your posture, there’s no cure for cellulite.

But that doesn’t mean you have to like how it looks and you can take steps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Just like you would take steps to improve your posture if you didn’t like it.

Fortunately, many of the ways to reduce cellulite also happen to be ways of improving your overall health and wellbeing, including managing your weight and eating a healthier diet. One of the least understood methods of cellulite reduction is to improve your blood circulation and lymph circulation.

Here’s how doing both helps minimize the orange-peel effect that cellulite has on your skin.

Blood Circulation

To state the obvious, you need blood flow to stay alive. Your blood picks up vital oxygen from your lungs, and absorbs energy and nutrients that come from the foods you eat, and delivers them to your organs, muscles and other cells. It also carries away waste products from those same cells.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and needs oxygen and nutrition as much as any other organ to stay healthy and strong. When you maintain healthy blood circulation, the nutrients in your blood also help promote the production of collagen, which is the hormone that keeps your skin strong and elastic. The added strength in your skin can make it less susceptible to the puckering that cellulite causes.

Lymph Circulation

The lymph fluid running through your lymphatic system carries the fats that contain energy and nutrients from your digestive system to your blood. It also removes of bacteria from your cells, which it transports to your lymph nodes for destruction.

When you improve your lymph circulation, more nutrients are delivered to your blood, and more bacteria is removed from your cells. Those nutrients help nourish and strengthen your skin. And when your skin cells don’t have to deal with as much bacteria, they can put the added nutrients to work making your skin even stronger and tighter, which reduces the appearance of your cellulite.

How to Improve Blood and Lymph Circulation

A basic way to improve blood and lymph circulation is to get your heart pumping through increased activity and exercise. Massaging the skin can also increase circulation by flushing away waste from your skin and muscles and making way for blood and lymph to bring their much needed nutrients to your skin.

Hundreds of tiny ceramic beads in Mass & Slim anti-cellulite shapewear produce a massaging effect on your skin for as long as you wear it. Not only does that help improve your blood and lymph flow, it has been clinically proven to reduce inches and the appearance of your cellulite.


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