TheBlackPurple Cashback Referral Program - A Success Story

TheBlackPurple Cashback Referral Program - A Success Story - TheBlackPurple

We recently introduced you to TheBlackPurple Cashback Referral Program. We started the program for a very good reason. We were so overwhelmed with stories and reviews about how our cellulite-fighting, figure-flattering shapewear, like our Secret Slim Compression Shorts, not only feel great, but how they help you feel better about yourself, we decided to reward you.

The More You Give - The More You Get

To show our appreciation for taking the time to let us know how much you enjoy our products, the Cashback Referral Program offers you a 15% commission on every shapewear purchase made through your personal link. And to give your connections even more incentive to buy from you, we offer you a $10-off coupon code that you can share with them.

So the more opportunities you give your family, friends and colleagues to save money on TheBlackPurple shapewear and compression garments, the more commissions you make!

An Early Cashback Referral Program Success Story

It didn't take long for many of you to catch on to how easy it is to start earning commissions—and to how much you can earn in commission.

"In just one payment, I've got over $200 in commissions."

That's a real quote from one of our Cashback Referral Program affiliates who actually earned $235.13 in just a single commission payment. And she isn't the only one who has earned significant commissions.

If you managed to find just one person to try each of TheBlackPurple's products, you would pocket almost $90.00 in commission. 

It's Easy to Start Making Extra Cash

It takes just four steps to sign-up and start receiving your commission.

  1. Sign-Up - As soon as you do, you can create your own $10-off coupon code.
  2. Get Your Personal Referral Link - The one you send to your contacts to starting earning on every purchase they make.
  3. Share Your Coupon Code - To encourage more sales.
  4. Check Your Personal Dashboard - See how much you've earned, when to expect your next payment, get help with making more sales, and find out who's ordered.

Start Right Now!

Are you ready to share your love of TheBlackPurple’s shapewear and earn a commission while you do?

Register for the Cashback Referral Program right now!



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