What If Cellulite was Really Attractive?

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Imagine that the thing that embarrasses you so much, forces you to avoid certain outfits and makes you cringe when you see it in photos actually had the opposite effect.

What if your cellulite was considered attractive?

Think of how your life might change. You wouldn’t hesitate to put on shorts or a swimsuit on a hot day. You’d be happy to see your beautiful self in the mirror and you’d always look forward to going to yoga class.

Considering that about 90% of women and many men have cellulite, including those who are fit and at their proper body weight, it’s clear that cellulite shouldn’t really be a concern. While it might appear worse if you’re overweight, by itself, it’s not a sign of a disease, abnormality or any other health issue.

What’s the Real Problem with Cellulite?

If there is one thing that might cause real concern about cellulite, it is how something so relatively harmless can make us feel so bad about ourselves. And that’s the real problem with cellulite. In fact, it might be the only problem.

Cellulite isn’t the real issue, how it makes you feel is.

How to Tackle the Real Problem with Cellulite

If how it makes you feel is the only way that cellulite affects you, then why not take steps to make yourself feel better about it?

That might sound way easier said than done, but here are just a few ways to help you do just that.

1. Look for Body-Positive Media Images

If there is one thing that reinforces the negative stereotype about cellulite, it is the endless bombardment of impossibly slim and smooth-skinned media images of people we see every day.

Fortunately, the Body-Positive movement continues to reverse the trend by encouraging us to accept our bodies just the way they are. The result is a refreshing wave of more realistic body types in places like TV commercials and social media. Especially on Instagram, many plus-sized models and even fitness influencers are revealing their real, unphotoshopped selves for the world to see. By doing so, they make cellulite more acceptable and, perhaps best of all, more attractive.

2. Do What You Can

Getting a little more exercise, eating a healthier diet and trying to slowly change your own perceptions are just a few of the things you can do to stop cellulite’s effect on you. It doesn't mean you have to make huge changes all of a sudden. In fact, it’s often better to do the opposite. Simply do what you can, make changes you’re comfortable with, one step at a time.

3. Try Shapewear

If cellulite makes you feel bad in an instant, how would you feel if you could be instantly more shapely? Comfortable shapewear can make you feel better and more confident about yourself simply by wearing it.

Cellulite-fighting Mass & Slim shapewear is infused with thousands of tiny ceramic beads that massage your skin as you wear it. Not only does Mass & Slim help you look better, but it helps reduce the appearance of your cellulite as long as you have it on. And that can make you feel really great about yourself!


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