How to Get Over the Plateau When Trying to Reduce Your Cellulite – Part 1

How to fight weight loss plateau by The Black Purple

Once you get past the idea that cellulite can be ‘banished’ by brushing or using a cream, you’ve taken the first step toward truly reducing the appearance of your cellulite. But it’s the first step in a journey and, like every journey, there will be twists and turns that can make it difficult at times and make you want to quit.

Reducing your weight is a great way to reduce your cellulite because you get rid of some of the fat that produces cellulite’s orange peel effect on your skin. But there’s one twist in the weight loss journey that forces many people to abandon it.

The Plateau Phase of Weight Loss

Talk to most people who have made a serious effort to lower their weight and they’ll tell you that, after initial success, they reached a point where the weight stopped coming off, even though they kept doing the same things that helped them shed the pounds in the first place.

It usually happens a few months into their journey, one that was so far relatively easy, always headed in the right direction, with the weight loss that comes from healthy changes in diet and activity. One day the weigh scale seems to stop in its tracks, no longer heading towards the goal weight. Even after double-checking all the things that have worked so well so far, the scale refuses to budge. In some cases, it back tracks. 

It’s the weight loss plateau.

The frustration behind the weight loss plateau

It’s a very common hurdle on the road to a healthier weight and it’s one that can prove to be so stubborn, so frustrating and so deflating that many people just give up. They feel like a lower weight, and the cellulite reduction that goes with it, are just not meant to be.

Perhaps most frustrating of all is the fact that the plateau often happens when you’re relatively close to your goal weight. In other words, you lose most of what you want to lose, but, no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to lose the rest.

In Part 2 of this series we’ll take a look at the reasons why you hit the plateau.

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