How to Get Over the Plateau When Trying to Reduce Your Cellulite – Part 2

How to combat weight loss plateau

In Part 1 of this series we discovered that people who try to reduce their cellulite by healthily losing weight often reach a plateau in their progress. The plateau happens when, while still using the same healthy changes to diet and increases in activity that produced initial results, the pounds stop coming off. It’s a point that can prove so frustrating that many people give up hope and abandon their efforts.

But you don’t have to. 

Why You Hit the Plateau

The general direction of many good weight management programs is to eat less, eat healthier foods and increase your activity levels. If your do all of these properly and the weight usually starts coming off fairly quickly.

But, while you feel you’ve finally found the way to healthily lower your weight, your body has other ideas. Luckily for us all, our bodies’ systems have one main focus: keeping us alive. One of the basic ways that your body uses to gauge that everything’s okay is to maintain a state of ‘homeostasis’, which basically means keeping everything stable.

In other words, if things are unstable in your body it could mean a threat to your health, so your body does what it can to get back to that steady stability to reassure itself that everything’s okay.

When you start losing weight, even healthily, your body can work against you because it sees the weight loss as a threat to its homeostasis. But, because you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet, you give it the nutrition it needs to make the transition. 

A balanced diet can help with weight loss plateau

Unfortunately, your body then starts thinking that your new routine is the new homeostasis. So, after you manage to lose those first pounds, your body says, “cool, this new weight, diet and activity level is now normal, so let’s stop here”. 

And you hit the weight loss plateau.

In Part 3 of this series, we’ll start to look at ways of getting through the plateau. 

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