You Need Only One Resolution in 2018

One Resolution in 2018 for yourself by The Black Purple

For many, the New Year might not be such a ‘Happy’ time. As we set off into 2018, it can be a time for reflection on the past year and what you did or, more importantly for this post, what you didn’t do.

Even if like most people you don’t set any formal resolutions, the New Year still brings with it the sense of a fresh start and the hope of self-improvement. But chances are you’ll find yourself at the end of 2018 lamenting about what you didn’t do, instead of what you managed to accomplish. 

Whether it’s human nature, or our insecurities, it seems like we are very quick to be self-critical while being very stingy in appreciation for ourselves.

Imagine if You Spoke to Others the Way You Speak to Yourself

“You didn’t get ANYTHING done this year!”

“Your job sucks and you don’t have the guts to do anything about it!”

“You’re fat!”

You would never say things like that to anyone. But it seems pretty easy to say them to yourself. If you can imagine how bad someone would feel if you spoke to them that way, then you shouldn’t wonder why you might not be feeling too ‘Happy’ in the New Year. Your inner voice might be making you feel as bad as anyone would if someone spoke to them that way.

Your One Resolution for 2018

There’s one resolution you can make that will probably help you make lots of other changes and improvements in your life.

Be kinder to yourself. 

If you can start silencing your inner critic, and give yourself credit when it’s due, you’ll probably find you’re in better shape than you think. 

It’s not always easy to turn off your inner ‘critic’. But you can start to turn on your inner ‘booster’. Just by taking a minute at the end of each day to think of at least one thing that you did well, or tried for the first time, or accomplished, no matter how small it might seem, you’ll begin to see a transformation. If once a day is too much, try once a week. 

The idea is to be the kind of boss to yourself that you would love to have at work. One who encourages and appreciates a good effort, and one who guides you when you stray off course.

tips from the Black Purple on being kinder to yourself in 2018

You can start right now by not shaming yourself about your body. Instead, do everything you can to feel better about what you have and who you are. Remember, it’s not how you look, but how you feel about how you look. Mass & Slim shapewear helps you feel better by adding flattering shape from the moment you put it on.


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