Restless Legs? Here’s How to Stop It

The Black Purple shares a way to stop restless legs

The symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), which is a neurological disorder, include uncomfortable sensations in the legs, pain, itching, pins and needles, and/or the sensation of something crawling under the skin.

The symptoms of RLS mainly happen when the patient is at rest, like in the evenings or when they’re trying to fall asleep. In other words, symptoms are less likely to occur when the patient is active.

How Compression Wear Helps to Treat RLS

Treatment of restless leg syndrome can include medical interventions like muscle relaxants, sleep medications, and dopamine enhancers.  But side effects can include nausea fatigue and drowsiness.

Fortunately, compression shapewear, including Mass & Slim’s compression leggings, help people with RLS relieve symptoms in at least three ways, without the nausea or fatigue.

  1. Massages Your Legs - Giving your legs a gentle massage is a common diy prevention or treatment of RLS symptoms. Mass and Slim leggings are infused with thousands of Tourmaline® beads which exert a gentle massaging action on your legs as you move while wearing them.
  2. Boosts Your Circulation - RLS sufferers are encouraged to get up for five minutes every hour or so and stretch your legs to get blood flowing through them. Compression wear helps improve your circulation whether you’re sitting or standing.
  3. Increases Skin Temperature - Generally speaking, getting your leg muscles to relax helps prevent and reduce the severity of symptoms. Your muscles will relax more if they are warm and compression wear increases the surface temperature in the areas of your body that it covers.

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