How Compression Garments Can Help Plastic Surgery Results

The purpose of plastic surgery compression garments | The Black Purple

While it’s often called “cosmetic” surgery, body contouring plastic surgery is still surgery nonetheless. It means similar surgical trauma as many other types of surgery. And your body needs all the help and support it can get to promote healing. And that’s exactly the role that post plastic surgery compression garments and shapewear can play in your recovery from plastic surgery.

Benefits of Post Plastic Surgery Compression Garments

Many surgery patients are recommended by their medical team to use compression wear and shapewear as part of their surgery aftercare program. Many doctors recommend wearing the garments for up to 8 weeks following surgery, depending on the nature of the operation.

The garments not only support your body, but they also make your overall postoperative experience a better one.

  1. They Promote Healthier Healing - Especially where tissue has been separated, healing can take exponentially longer if the wound isn’t held in place properly. Compression wear and shapewear, including slimming waist shapers and compression stockings, not only help to keep everything in place, but they can help increase blood circulation to the treated areas to speed healing and minimize the formation of blood clots.
  2. Reduce Discomfort - Surgery can trigger uncomfortable swelling and water retention. Without being treated, water buildup can extend the time it takes to completely heal. Compression garments can minimize the amount of water retention and control the swelling around the treated areas.
  3. Make it Easier to Move - Of course, your doctor will tell you to minimize physical activity after the operation. But the swelling around the affected area can make even the slightest movement sore, painful and uncomfortable. In addition to swelling reduction, compression garments can control discomfort in the surrounding area as you move to make it a much less painful experience.

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