Postpartum Compression Wear - Get in Shape After Baby Arrives

Postpartum Compression Wear - Get in Shape After Baby Arrives - TheBlackPurple

Not many Moms look forward to their postpartum bodies. Considering the physical stresses of carrying another person around for nine months, your body is bound to show some side effects. But postpartum compression wear can help.

Benefits of Postpartum Compression Wear

A Mom’s abdomen has been stretched for a number of months. Even if she managed to not put on “baby weight”, the skin and muscle tissue is stretched out of shape. But compression wear, including anti-cellulite leggings and postpartum girdles can help your postpartum recovery.

  1. Reduces Swelling - Swelling in the abdominal area can occur due to inflammation from stretched muscles and tissue, and the accumulation of the fluids your body sends to treat it.  Compression and shapewear help to reduce swelling by not letting fluids accumulate as much as they might otherwise.
  2. Gives Your Muscles Support - It’s not like you need anyone to tell you this, but your core muscles and other abdominal muscles go through incredible stresses during pregnancy and delivery. You may even have suffered diastasis recti, where your abdominal muscles remain separated after the baby arrives. Without supportive compression or shapewear, your post-pregnancy recovery can take much longer.
  3. Eases Back Pain - As a new Mom, you know what we mean when we say “back pain”, right? Again, supportive wear, including postpartum belly wraps, girdles or corsets, offer the support to give your poor back some relief.
  4. Improves Your Posture - With weaker core muscles and back pain, you may tend to slump or otherwise use bad posture to compensate. And poor posture only leads to more issues.
  5. Eases Pain & Pressure - You may have other abdominal pain, especially following a c-section delivery. By reducing the motion that the surrounding tissue might otherwise go through, medical-grade post-baby belly bands and other shapewear also helps reduce the pain that comes with that instability.
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