How To Treat Lymphedema At Home

massage therapy is one of the many ways to treat lymphedema at home

If you’re wondering how to treat lymphedema at home, you’re probably at least familiar with some of its causes. But, to understand how many of the home treatments for lymphedema are beneficial, it helps to get more familiar with lymphedema's causes and symptoms.

Lymphedema is the name given to excessive swelling in affected areas, mostly your arms and legs. The swelling is caused by a blockage in your lymph system that stops the draining of lymph fluid. The blockages are often caused by the removal of, or damage to, your lymph vessels or nodes as a result of cancer treatment.

There is no known cure for lymphedema. Ultimately, the main way to manage lymphedema is to take steps to reduce the swelling.

3 Ways to Treat Lymphedema at Home

There are many ways to treat your own lymphedema, including the following.

  1. Massage Therapy - It’s best to see a registered massage therapist who can offer the light soft-tissue massage that helps move lymph fluids from the affected limbs. But you can also learn self-massage techniques that can maintain lymphatic flow.

  2. Use Compression Wear - Compression wear, including Mass & Slim’s anti-cellulite leggings, exert a light massaging action that can help initiate the flow of fluid, as you wear them. Compression devices also help to keep fluids away from affected areas.

  3. Get Active - Always talk to your doctor before starting any regular program of physical activity or exercise. Simple aerobic exercises like walking or swimming can stimulate the flow of fluid away from problem areas. To make it more formal, talk to a lymphedema therapist and start with an easy-to-do, comfortable level of exercise, then progress over time.

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