5 Relaxing Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress At Home

5 Relaxing Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress At Home - TheBlackPurple

Feeling a little stressed lately? More than a little? More than lately?!

Too numerous to mention, recent circumstances have not only been stressful for many of us, but they’ve also minimized many of the stress-relieving options we had, like a visit to the gym, or even just getting together with friends and family like we used to. 

Yoga has been used to relieve stress and other physical and mental issues for centuries. Still, many of us haven’t explored yoga because we feel we might not be able to do the poses, or due to the mystique around the language of yoga and its spiritual aspect.

Start With These Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

Jumping into yoga practice on the spiritual, mind and body fronts can be intimidating. Faced with mastering physical moves, you may miss the emotional and spiritual sides.

But if you start with the following easy, stress-relieving yoga positions, they’ll not only be easier to do, but they may make it easier for you to get deeper into yoga later on.

It's best to do yoga poses on a rug, carpet or a yoga mat. Once in each pose, hold the pose for at least 30 seconds.

  1. Breathe - OK, this isn’t a pose, but proper breathing it is a crucial part of every yoga pose, and for stress relief. One of the simplest techniques is to breathe in through the nose for a four count (four seconds), hold your breath for a four count, exhale through your nose for a four count, then wait for a four count before starting the next breath.

  2. The Child Pose - From a kneeling position, sit on your heels with the tops of your feet on the mat. Curl your body forward and rest your forehead on the mat in front of your knees. Stretch your arms and hands straight out on the mat in front of you. Once in the pose, release the tension in your arms, back, neck and head.

  3. The Easy Pose - If there is a pose that more people know than others, this is it. Start by sitting cross-legged, straighten your back and rest your forearms on each knee, palms up. Close your eyes, relax your shoulders and remember your breathing technique. Stay in this pose for at least a few minutes to really feel the stress relief.

  4. The Reclined Bound Angle Pose - Don’t let the name fool you. This one’s as easy as the others. Start by lying on your back. Bring your feet up towards your body so your knees bend into the air. Slowly twist your feet inward, and let your knees fall to the side so the soles of your feet touch each other.

    Release tension in your legs as much as possible and place one palm on your chest and one palm on your stomach to feel your breath as you inhale, hold and exhale.

  5. The Corpse Pose - Usually done to finish a yoga session, the corpse pose is perhaps the easiest pose there is. Simply lie on your back with your hands at your side and your palms facing up. You can put a pillow under your knees to relieve stress on your back and help you feel more relaxed.

Getting yourself ready for yoga is key to enjoy more of the benefits. The right clothing is key. Mass & Slim Shapewear Leggings are ideal for yoga, simultaneously giving you the freedom to get into every position, while offering your more support and comfort than traditional  leggings or yoga pants.

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