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Spring Into Warm Weather Shapewear

Posted by nvision on

What is it about spring that can make you forget (almost) that we’re still in the midst of a pandemic? The weather gets warmer, the birds start singing and everything is green again.

Except spring isn’t exactly the “skipping through a meadow” time of year for everyone. And that’s because of what you’d wear while you’re skipping. Whether it’s a summer dress, skinny jeans and a t-shirt, or a sporty pair of shorts, not all of us are ready to make the transition from being totally covered up under a parka to, well, being a little more exposed.

This year, it's time to take a stand and not give up so easily on enjoying the warmer weather as you should. And figure-sculpting shapewear can make it happen.

3 Shapewear Fashions to Help You Enjoy the Springading 

The shapewear styles listed below are all perfect for being part of your spring and summer wardrobe. They all feature light, breathable biometric fabric that wicks away sweat and offer firm, yet comfortable support to give you the shaping you want, all day long.

  1. Active Slim Compression Leggings - This might become your go-to outfit for the spring and summer. Whether you’re taking care of things at home, or getting outside for some exercise, you can wear Active Slim Leggings underneath your favourite jeans, or all on their own, paired with a blouse, t-shirt or both. 
  2. Mass & Slim Anti-Cellulite Waist Shaper - By smoothing and gently flattening your tummy and shaping your waist and hips, the waist shaper puts everything in the right proportion to accentuate your overall figure. And, with tiny ceramics beads interwoven into the fabric, the waist shaper delivers a micro-massaging effect as you wear it. The result? Its clinically-proven to improve the appearance of your cellulite in the areas it covers.

  3. Secret Slim Compression Shorts - Made with an innovative Smart Fabric that lets you say goodbye to inner thigh rub, chafing and sweat, you’re going to look forward to slipping the compression shorts on in the morning. The snug, comfortable compression makes them the perfect choice to look your shapely best in your favourite summer dress or skirt.

If you enjoyed this post and want to learn more about the benefits of compression wear, check out our article “Need Leggings? Why You Should Always Choose Compression Leggings”.

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