Consider Swapping Shorts for Compression Tights During Your Workout

Consider Swapping Shorts for Compression Tights During Your Workout - TheBlackPurple

We all want to get the most from every workout because we see the amazing difference they can make to our fitness, health, and even how we look.

If that even partially describes your workout goals, then you must ask yourself one thing. Why am I working out in regular shorts when I could be swapping shorts for compression pants? 

5 Benefits of Swapping Shorts for Compression Tights During Your Workout 

Wearing compression clothing during your workouts, including The Black Purple’s Secret Slim Compression Shorts and Active Slim Compression Leggings, helps you improve your workout in the following ways.

  1. Reduces Muscle Fatigue - You know you’ve had a good workout when you just couldn’t do another move. But what if you could? Compression gear helps to increase blood flow and circulation, which helps reduce the lactic acid build up that causes muscle fatigue and soreness.

  2. Reduces the Risk of Stress and/or Strain - You know what it feels like when you go a little too far with a move, or for a little too long. Wearing compression garments keeps your muscles and tendons in the right place, which helps reduce strains and other injuries.

  3. Faster Recovery - When you can’t help but take some time off due to an injury or sprain, you can’t wait to get back at it. Compression wear also improves lymph flow, which gets rid of the impurities that cause the debilitating soreness that’s keeping you out of action.
  4. More Oxygen in Your Blood - Your muscles run on oxygen. By improving your circulation, compression wear helps increase how much oxygen your blood delivers to your muscles, which helps you work out longer and harder.

  5. You Look Great - Yes, we know this isn’t what your workout is about. But it doesn’t hurt! Compared to regular gym shorts and common leggings, compression shorts and leggings give the body parts they support a flattering shape.

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